YOUR TAKE!! EFCC Continuous Invasion On All Yahoo Boys, A Good Or Bad Omen For The Country {Must Read}

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is a Nigerian law enforcement agency that investigates financial crimes such as advance fee fraud (419 fraud) and money laundering.

The agency has been hunting all “G boys” throughout the country and these is not stopping anytime soon at least until Buhari administration ends in the next 4 years.

While the EFCC keep raiding all the internet fraudster in the country, Read cautiously and judge if the attack on Yahoo boys would help or damage the country more?


What is bad has no other name than to be tag BAD. Corruption and fraud started with our politics from day one and for this country to have a bright future this generation has to learn about what happened when you are into fraud.

EFCC has arrested and jail thousands of Yahoo boys in the country and this has reduce the arrogant spending, lavish style of living, oppression and make most Nigerian ladies dream about IPhone and money.

EFCC has also made some of them vent into business or trying to legit their money, while avoiding the agency.

Unlike SARS which are well know for bribe and corruption, EFCC doesn’t take bribe nor attack youth unnecessary from research i gather before before putting up these post.

If EFCC could continue like this i would say maybe, just maybe the rate of corruption and fraud would reduce in the next generation because it’s dishearten when you ask a 10 years old boy what he would like to be and respond to say he want to be a Yahoo boy. How do we tell the next generation Internet fraud is not the way??


Truth be told the first thing that brought up this Internet fraud is the inability of our Government to provide jobs for Youths.

90% of people into fraud are youths because the incapability of government to get them busy after their education. Majority decided to join the Fraud train which has been moving the country forward.

If EFCC finally curb internet fraud in our society, the government should be prepared to fight something more ogreish, because there’s no job and you have to keep living.

The repercussion of these raids might be something the government themselves doesn’t want. I would say these raids should start when the government has provided enough job for youth!

After The Point Above! Do You Think EFCC Raids On Yahoo Boys Is Good Or Bad For The Country?

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