Their Wedding Day Was A Fairytale But The Surprise He Gave Her At The End Will Leave You In Tears


A young and unassuming school teacher, Solomon Samuel from Ibadan, Nigeria, gives his bride to be the sweetest surprise on their first wedding night.
Solomon Samuel, an industrious school teacher had always dreamt of a simple life. He had happy memories growing up and never dreamed of going places or gaining fame and fortune. Born in a family of teachers, he always knew what he was going to be when he grew up, even as a child.
But right at the beginning of his career, he met Wendy. A bright and dynamic young lady who had caught his eye on the first day he met her. As it turned out, she had already been working at the same school, but only for a week.
They became fast friends and eventually their friendship had blossomed into love. Solomon loved his Wendy with all his heart, and so did his family. However, though he had dreamed of a simple life – which now included Wendy, she dreamed of more.
Coming from a life of poverty and hardships, Wendy strove to make something of her. Now, Wendy was one of the most loved teachers in their school as she had a genuine passion for teaching. Wendy had three great loves – Solomon, teaching and the prospect of travelling.
Solomon always felt happy when he was with Wendy and after years of going strong, he had decided to take the next step. He proposed to the love of his life and to his surprise, they both started to plan for their wedding. The wedding preparations began. Both of them were too happy.
A day before his wedding, he received an E-mail from his cousin. He started thinking that his cousin might be congratulating him for the special day. Unfortunately, the E-mail read the shattering news about his grandmother’s demise. He felt like crying but he controlled the sudden burst of his emotions. While reading the mail, he stumbled upon an attachment.
The words: Important letter regarding grandmother’s Ancestral Property
Is it the moment… he thought. “Moment,” he whispered to himself in the night. Never one to take chances, Solomon stared at those words for what seemed like an eternity to him. He decided to indeed, seize the moment and opened the attachment. After all, he had nothing to lose.
So he clicked on the attachment and when he read it, he could not believe that as per the documents, he is now the owner of landholdings worth a huge sum of money. “Whoa!” he gasped, as his eyes widened.
What happened next changed his life forever. He read the attachment again. He called up his cousin and enquired about the details. He almost cried at that moment! He never dreamed of having that much money and he didn’t even know what he would do with it!
But then he snapped out of his shocked state and started planning his dream life after getting married to Wendy. He knew how much she would love to travel the world and he immediately booked a pair of tickets to Belize – the paradise in Central America with Caribbean seashores, one of the most exotically beautiful places he could think of.
Always the planner, he prepared everything and waited for the right moment. On their wedding day, Solomon and Wendy took the vows.The wedding went well followed by a reception. (Both of them were extremely happy).
Right in the middle of the reception, Solomon and Wendy were applauded by the wonderful guests. Overjoyed and filled with tearful emotion, it was no surprise that she started to cry. Solomon was excited to share the news with her but he kept it to himself.
But Solomon had an even bigger surprise for her – after he wiped away her happy tears, they found a quiet spot and he told her all about the good fortune he had with her now after grandmother gave her property rights to him. He surprised her about the plane tickets to Belize, a key to her own car as well as a key to the new house which they would be living in after the wedding.
The prospect of spending her life with the man she loved would have been enough for Wendy. Their lives changed completely for good. They were also filled with opportunity to travel all around the world.
It was a defining moment for Solomon after reading the mail and actually receiving the property and land-holdings.

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