They Are The Same People That Worship Celebrities That Doesn’t Even Believe In God. Angela Nwosu Fire Back

Angela Nwosu has reacted to people reaction and comment over her post saying he’s not going to heaven if that heaven is where pastor adeboye are going

Read what she said below 👇

People are busy insulting me because I said I don’t want to go to heaven, these are the same people that worship celebrities that doesn’t even believe in God or go to church. If it was Christiano Ronaldo that made such post, so many of you will repost it and call it style🤣 Tell me the God people like Beyonce, Jayz, even Mark Zuckerberg that you give your money to, on daily basis, worship. You condemn me for refusing to believe in a mirage, but you worship world celebrities who doesn’t give a fuck about your religion

The most influential people in the world are not Christians, make your research and show me one rich born again, apart from pastors that get rich and richer through your sweat. You are worshipping a God that you don’t even understand, when the Pontiff himself says that heaven and hell is just a metaphor, Adam and Eve are just fables, they don’t exist, he also told a gay man not to be ashamed of his sexuality, that God made him that way. I bet you all saw it and kept quiet, if it was someone else that made such comments, you will all demand his head be cut off. These things are on google, check it out, use your smart phones, smartly.

Show me one person, past or present, that has been to heaven before. How does this heaven even look like? Search deeply within yourself and tell me if you truly and deeply believe there’s a place where you will go to live with angels and see God and Jesus, a paradise like the pictures they paint for us, do you, really? Ogbeni, if you want to see heaven, then double your hustle, make money and go to Paris or Las Vegas and see heaven, that’s where your pastors and their kids travel to, in their private jets😏

Your pastors are busy extorting you with reckless abandon and continues to brainwash you all, while you suffer, work and hustle to meet up with donations, offerings and tithes to them, every Sunday, banking on enjoying in heaven when you die. You would prefer to suffer and struggle here on earth, while your pastors are living large, so that you will enjoy in heaven. Why are they not joining you to suffer here or don’t they want to make heaven and enjoy paradise? Mental slavery is one of the worse things that can happen to a human being, that is why I rarely get upset when the bunch of you insults or curse when I stand out and refused to be brainwashed. So many of you ranting are suffering from one problem to another, which your pastor cannot help you out of. Take your problems to your pastors and they will tell you not to lose faith and continue praying, not even to pay your hospital bills but their kids are getting the best cares abroad. Shebi you will still tell me that those are fake, the rest are good or God will judge.

I don’t care how deeply you want to wallow in your ignorance, am not even telling you all to wake up, all am saying is that we all can’t be brainwashed. I have chosen my own path, I don’t want to go to the heaven your church people and pastors preach about, go there and leave me alone, or did I come to thìs world with you? Why will you leave the important issues in your life and around you to attack someone that has decided to single herself out from mental slavery?😏 Make una fear una God o, oginidi?

And I say again, there has to be something seriously wrong with a religion that NONE of the greatest people in the world believe in and don’t tell me your pastor is great, he’s only rich from stealing from you. You will all meet yourselves in heaven, after eating your money, no worries😁

I don’t want to do, make una leave me alone. Think of what to eat tonight and how to solve that pressing issue that has been weighing you down, not killing yourself over the path I chose. Or is it muna gi that will go to hell?
Yimu people.


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