JESUS IS COMING BACK show up on a tree in Ilesa..check

Its getting to the end time and the Bible confirmed it. What are seeing and words from the man of God is also prove..

This happen in Ilesa Osun state around muslim grammar school..

Very close to awoyinfa house

In Ilesa. This a words show up on this tree sayin JESUS IS COMING BACK check below..

Words is.. Someone people have being to this tree and try to peel off the mark.. The more they try. The more it get bigger next day.. It was written in English and Arabic.

Also this tree has being planted years back and nothing strange has ever happen about it before

But on Sunday July 1st 2018.. A small child was playing around this tree as usual and without loosing step.. The child fall down and had no wound. People were surprise and rush to carry the child but they nothing something were glowing and shining on that tree and wow Jesus’ is coming back showed up

Check watch video below

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